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Migrating APIs between WSO2 API Manager environments

WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0 onwards, there is a tool to migrate APIs between environments. Unfortunately, this tool will export/import only one API at a time. While I’m working with different customers, I have noticed that migrating APIs between environments is not an easy task if there so many APIs in the environment. So I have written a tool, which will migrate all the APIs available in the given source environment to another environment. Prerequisites WSO2 API Manager environments (both environments […]

Using the WSO2 API Manager Swagger PHP clients

Swagger, now OpenAPI, became a popular way of defining API metadata. A few years back, WSO2 API Manager started using swagger-codegen functionality to generate client SDKs. PHP is one of the supported languages and we are going to discuss, how to use the generated PHP SDKs in client-side. Why only PHP? most of the other languages are straightforward but PHP SDKs are a bit of pain. There are two ways of generating the client SDKs. Through WSO2 API Manager Store UI Through […]