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Execute MSSql Server Stored Procedure from WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Even though we can write SQL queries in database agnostic manner when we expose database tables as services with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, there might be some challenges when dealing with stored procedures. Recently I found one such a situation. I was working on a project which was using Microsoft SQL Server as the database. For one use case, there was a requirement to execute an update and return the updated records to the frontend. As you know, we can’t do […]

OMG.. It’s Shreya Goshal.. :)

I heard that Shreya Goshal is coming to Sri Lanka. I grabbed a ticket and went to the ground bit early.. 🙁 unfortunately it was a rainy day.. Concert started after one hour. Once the show started, we were staring at the stage and didn’t even want to bother about the rain.. So I was ended up with cold.. Even only Shreya and her support singer was performed, it is was a great show since her voice is truly amazing.. […]