Monthly Archives: September 2018

Custom project structures for enterprise level WSO2 projects

When we are developing simple applications, most of the time we tend to use the standard project structures because those project structures are designed for general use cases. When it comes to enterprise level applications we might have to use custom project structures due to the architecture level design decisions. As I mentioned in the WSO2 development best practices page, we should separate the environment specific dependencies from the logic so that we don’t have to touch the logic when […]

Dynamic OTP page for WSO2 IS based on user claims

One Time Password (OTP) is something that we are heavily using these days to enhance the security of the applications. If you are using the WSO2 Identity server as a Single Sign-On (SSO) server, you have the functionality to send OTP and validate at the time of users logging in to the system. Also, you have the option to enable multiple channels to send the OTP. Mainly we can configure SMS and Email OTP and at the time of login […]

Invoking a REST API with SFTP content through WSO2 EI

Let’s assume there are two systems which cannot directly communicate with each other. But the source system has the functionality to generate a file with the required data so that we can use the generated file to update the other systems. For this example, we assume the second system exposed a REST service to update the system but not a file upload. So we will use the WSO2 ESB to read the files from the remote secure FTP location and […]