Monthly Archives: March 2018

Using the WSO2 API Manager Swagger PHP clients

Swagger,¬†now OpenAPI, became a popular way of defining API metadata. A few years back, WSO2 API Manager started using swagger-codegen¬†functionality to generate client SDKs. PHP is one of the supported languages and we are going to discuss, how to use the generated PHP SDKs in client-side. Why only PHP? most of the other languages are straightforward but PHP SDKs are a bit of pain. There are two ways of generating the client SDKs. Through WSO2 API Manager Store UI Through […]

Renaming WSO2 Carbon Archive with Maven

By default, maven based projects will use the artifact id and the version number as the name of the final artifact (jar file, war file, etc.). In case if we want to change that behavior, there is a standard way defined by maven to specify a different name to the final artifact. You just need to add the finalName element to build section. <project … > … <build> … <finalName>Custom_Name</finalName> … </build> </project> But when it comes to WSO2 Carbon […]